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Power is required for all activities, including heating and cooling our houses, lighting up office buildings, or producing goods. Energy storage inverters or hybrid inverters are highly advised for household and business applications to meet power demands. By discharging stored energy, these offer an excellent solution to curb energy bills. 


Types of Energy Storage Inverters

Hybrid inverters, as the name suggests, is to convert between DC power and AC power during the charging and discharging process to realize the bidirectional conversion of electric energy, breaking through the limitation that PV inverters can only be used in the daytime. Among them, the most common energy storage inverters are centralized and string types. 

l  The string-type inverter is small in size and low in conversion efficiency, but its power density and cost are relatively high. It has various application markets such as household, industry, commerce, and large-scale power stations. 

l  The centralized inverter has higher conversion efficiency, fewer parts, and lower cost. However, due to the large size of a single unit, it is more difficult to transport and install. This type is usually widely used in large power plants.

 Energy Storage Inverters — the Choice of Future

When in the peak period of power consumption, the hybrid inverter will convert the solar DC power into AC power and merge it into the grid for daily use. While in the low load periods, the energy storage inverter will store the excess output energy in the battery, providing a solid guarantee for power consumption when the power is cut off. This dramatically improves the stability and quality of electricity use, reduces electricity costs, improves electricity efficiency, and at the same time, caters to the trends and requirements of energy saving and emission reduction.

In a nutshell, hybrid inverters are an essential part of the energy storage solution for all scenarios. Megarevo hybrid inverters with innovative technologies ensure safe, efficient, and low-interference operation, enhancing the overall energy storage system's stability, reliability, and value contribution.

Megarevo - A Reliable Energy Storage Inverter Supplier


Megarevo is a well-reputed and trusted name when it comes to providing energy storage inverters. With a team of domestic technical employees, senior specialists in power electronics, and 15 years of experience in technology research, development, and manufacturing, we provide customers with standardized hybrid products.

l  Certificated Products

We offer our products after thorough international testing. All of our products carry multiple certifications, such as CE, TUV, UL, SAA, and NRS, to fulfill the different market standards.

l  A Complete Product Range

Megarevo contributes to a low-carbon transition by providing residential energy storage solutions, C&I energy storage solutions, and Microgrid energy storage solutions. Our products include residential hybrid inverters, Microgrid ybrid inverters, C&I energy storage inverters, and more. 

l  After-Sales Service

At Megarevo, we strive to fulfill all the energy storage needs of our customers. Our after-sales service is second to none. We offer technical advice and training services following the sale. We can enhance the product following consumer needs and remote product upgrading support. Our after-sales support offers a swift response from several centers worldwide, with 1 hour response time and 8-hour emergency actions.

l  High Reputation

Megarevo is one of the industry's top energy storage solution providers. We are highly recognized by both customers and businesses and have been regarded as the best on/off-grid inverter supplier in China for four consecutive years.

Cases to state strength

Till now, Megarevo has delivered products and services to over 200 renowned companies worldwide, with a total delivery volume of over 2.2GW, winning high recognition in the market. Here sets the application case in Texas as an example.


Thanks to the ample light conditions and the new energy beneficiary policy, in April 2022, Megarevo provided residents with a 16KW/20KWh residential energy storage solution to help the customer achieve self-generation of energy. The resolution adopted two 48V North American split-phase inverters, R8KLNA, which were connected in parallel to meet the customer's energy needs and provide a clean, low-cost electricity supply. After a month of full validation, the project has demonstrated excellent economics.

 Owning a hybrid inverter system is an important step towards reducing carbon footprint and becoming energy independent. The high-tech enterprise Megarevo specializes in the manufacturing and sales of reliable and efficient hybrid inverter products. If interested, please browse through our range of high-tech product offerings or contact us to learn how users can enjoy efficient energy solutions.

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