Energy saving consulting service

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Relying on our experience in electronic power R&D and project construction, Megarevo analyzes and evaluates whether the energy utilization design of the solution is scientific and reasonable, and gives improvement suggestions to provide a basis for the rational layout of the project, optimal energy use plan design, and equipment selection.
Energy Conditions Assessment
Energy conditions at the project site, impact of the project on energy consumption at the site.
Project Normative Assessment
Whether the project complies with national, local and industry power & energy conservation regulations.
Solution Energy Savings Assessment
Product selection and combination, project layout, etc.
Energy Efficiency Assessment
User’s energy consumption, energy utilization efficiency and other aspects after project construction.
China Jiangxi Project
In 2022, Megarevo conducted an energy-saving assessment for an energy storage project at a factory in Jiangxi, China, and helped the factory optimize its solution design. The improved factory is estimated to save 210,000 kWh of electricity and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 172 tons annually.
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