>5K Smart Hybrid Inverter

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Based on the excellent performance of the previous generation of products, G2 hybrid inverter has improved the product volume and weight, making the product lighter and smaller, the full load efficiency has been increased by 0.5%, and the cost performance has been greatly improved.

G2 Hybrid inverter
G2 Hybrid inverter
G2 Hybrid inverter
G2 Hybrid inverter
G2 Hybrid inverter
G2 Hybrid inverter
G2 Hybrid inverter
G2 Hybrid inverter
Product Highlights
Safe and reliable
Passed CE, 1V, IEC/EN62109-1/-2, IEC/EN62477-1, South Africa NRS097-2-1; 2017, IEC/EN 61000-6-1, IEC/EN 61000-6-3 test certification;
Friendly & flexible
Support multi-machine parallel connection; Compatible with a variety of battery connections such as lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries;
Economical and efficient
Maximum efficiency ≥97.5%; Small size, saving installation space;
Choose our benefits

Save more installation, commissioning costs

Reduce the use of fossil fuels and be more environmentally friendly

Increase the penetration of renewable energy

Continuous and stable power supply

PV expansion will be more convenient in the future

Technical specificationR3KL1-G2R3K6L1-G2R4KL1-G2R4K6L1-G2R5KL1-G2R6KL1-G2
Input (PV)
Max. power(kW)4.64.66677
MPPT voltage range(V)125~500/360
MPPT tracker/strings2/1
AC output
Rated output power(kVA)33.644.656
Grid voltage/range(V)230/176~270
Frequency (Hz)50 /60
Battery voltage range(V)40~58
Max. charge/discharge current(A)95/62.295/7595/83.395/95.895/104.295/110
Communication interfaceCAN/RS485
EPS output
Rated power (kVA)33. 644.656
Rated output voltage(V)230
Automatic switching time (ms)<20
General data
DC Max. efficiency97.6%
Full load efficiency98.1%
Dimensions W * D * H (mm)451*212*474