Solution advantage
Megarevo's residential energy storage solution offers versatile functionality, catering to 4 different application modes. With a reliable and efficient home inverter system, Megarevo always ensures an intelligent power supply for homes. Over 15,000 households worldwide have already adopted this solution, enabling them to decrease reliance on the grid and enjoy more affordable and sustainable electricity.
Safe and Reliable
It has passed UL1741, IEEE 1547.1, CSA C22.2, UL 1699B, UL1998, SDR V2.0, IEEE 2030.5, FCC part 15B, CEC certification tests, and can meet the strict local installation and grid connection requirements. Built-in insulation check and arc checking functions also make the system safer.
Efficient and Stable
Adopt software switch technology to improve the overall efficiency of the household inverter. Adopting advanced common-mode control technology, it effectively suppresses leakage current and common-mode interference, ensuring reliable and continuous power supply for various household appliances.
Intelligent and Friendly
One-key reset function, debugging is more convenient. Optional IOT module can realize remote monitoring and software upgrade functions. Support multi-machine parallel connection.
Humanity Design
Quiet design.
IP65 protection grade, can be installed outdoors.
Humanized operation interface, support multi-language switching.
Greek residential storage project 5kW/10kWh
Due to frequent earthquake disasters, it cause local fuel prices and electricity costs are very expensive. The project uses Megarevo R5KL1 series hybrid inverter and 10kWh lithium battery energy storage system, and 8kwp rooftop photovoltaics for residents, together to provide users with clean energy and reduce users' living energy costs.
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