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Support AC and DC power activation,ax. 1.5x DC overmatching,Support three-phase function,Adopt LCD display, more convenient operation,Optional WIFI or GPRS for remote monitoring,Supports 6 pcs in parallel, and it can be extended to 30kW.

05KL1D Off-grid Inverter
05KL1D Off-grid Inverter
05KL1D Off-grid Inverter
05KL1D Off-grid Inverter
05KL1D Off-grid Inverter
05KL1D Off-grid Inverter
Product Highlights
Application flexibility
IP65 protection level,More flexible application scenarios
Flexible configuration
Support PV, diesel generator, battery, load at the same
time access, also has strong adaptability; Various working modes can be set flexibly;
Supports expansion
Supports 6 pcs in parallel and it can be extended to 30kW
Choose our benefits

Save more installation, commissioning costs

Reduce the use of fossil fuels and be more environmentally friendly

Increase the penetration of renewable energy

Continuous and stable power supply

PV expansion will be more convenient in the future

Model 05KL1D
PV string input
Max. input power (kW)


No. of MPPT trackers1
No. of strings per MPPT trackers1
Starting voltage (V)100
Max. input voltage (V)450
MPPT voltage range (V)100~430
Max. input current per MPPT (A)32
Max. short-circuit current per MPPT (A)37
Rated voltage (V)48
Battery voltage range (V)40~56
Max. input/output current (A)100/100
Battery typeLithium /Lead-acid
Battery communication CAN
Grid input
Rated voltage (V)230
Input voltage range (V)176~270
Rated grid frequency (Hz)50/60
Max. charging current (A)21.7
Grid typeL+N+PE
Generator input
Max. input power (kW)5
Max. input current (A)21.7
Off-grid output
Rated output power (kW)5
Rated output voltage (Vac)230
Max. output current (A)26.1
Rated output frequency (Hz)50/60
Voltage waveformPure sine wave
Power factor1 (0.8 leading-0.8 lagging)
Automatic switching time (ms)<10
Overload capacity110%, 60S/ 120%, 30S/ 150%, 10S
Parallel capability6 pcs in parallel
Protection supportedPV input reverse protection,Antislanding protection,Insulation resistance test,AC overcurrent protection,AC short circuit protection,AC overvoltage protection,AC undervoltage protection,DC/AC surge protection
General data
Max. inverter efficiency94%
MPPT efficiency99%
Operating temperature (℃)-25~60
Relative humidity5%-95%
Operating altitude (m)<2,000>2,000 Derating)
Protection classIP65
Weights (kg)17
Dimensions W*D*H (mm)467*454*200
Noise emission (dB)<35
Communication interfaceRS485 / WIFI (GPRS) / CAN / DRM / Dry-contact
Self-consumption at night (W)<15
Contamination level