Solution advantage
With the large-scale access of new energy sources, the imbalance on the power generation side is aggravated, and the role of energy storage on the grid side becomes more important, In order to improve the flexibility of t he power grid, Megarevo can provide a single set of 500kW~2500kW customized inverter solutions, which support peak regulation, frequency regulation, and black start functions, which can improve system economy.
Flexible application
Four-quadrant operation with adjustable power factor;
Support multi-parallel connection, convenient expansion;
Support the grid
Friendly grid adaptability, accept grid dispatch;
It has the functions of primary frequency modulation, inertia adjustment, and fast dispatching of source and network loads;
Safe and reliable
Built-in battery charge and discharge intelligent management and safety protection;
Support 1.1 times long-term overload;
More choices
Provide the customized solution from kW to MW capacity solutions
Support turnkey projects;
Hunan power grid side ESS 100MW/200MWh
The project belongs to the grid-side peak regulation and frequency regulation demonstration project by the State Grid, located in Rulin, Hunan. 40 sets of 630kW MEGA inverter from Megarevo were used in this project, the safety and stability of the system was fully guaranteed through the unique control detection algorithm and high-performance DSP.
Grid-scale energy storage solutions
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