Megarevo Accelerates Thermal Power Plants to Unlock Potential

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Megarevo Accelerates Thermal Power Plants to Unlock Potential




The temperature is rising in Guangdong, China, and soon the tightest power supply season of the year will come. Recently, a thermal power plant in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, is in full swing to carry out various inspection tests before the energy storage system is connected to the grid.

Compared with the traditional thermal power frequency regulation (AGC), energy storage system frequency regulation has the advantages of fast response, flexible and adjustable capacity, and larger revenue, for this reason, the thermal power plant preferred 10MW/10MWh energy storage system co-generation unit to participate in the grid AGC frequency regulation.Megarevo was honored to participate and provided 16 Mega series 630kW PCS (Mega0630) for this project. Four box-type transformers form a container to provide strong support for the charge and discharge management and intelligent operation of the energy storage system.


During the period, grid engineers conducted grid adaptability test, power control test, overload capability test, LVRT and HVT test, power quality test, rated energy test, primary frequency regulation test, AGC and AVC test and protection function test on Mega0630 provided by Megarevo. During the test, Mega0630 operated stably and reliably, and all test data met the requirements, which were unanimously approved by the owner and grid engineers.

The Mega0630 is a product developed by Megarevo specifically for grid-level applications. As the core device for energy exchange between energy storage batteries and the grid, the Mega0630 offers industry-leading reliability, scalability and safety. With a maximum output power of up to 693 kVA and DC voltages up to 900 V, it provides system integrators with more efficient and flexible system designs. It supports a range of grid applications, including flexible peaking, frequency regulation, new energy grid connection, T&D enhancement, etc. It meets IEC/EN62109-1/-2, EN62477-1, IEC/EN61000-6-2/-6-4, GB/T34120-2017/GB/T34133-2017/CGC-R46103:2018A etc. certification test requirements.

As Megarevo's first energy storage inverter product, Mega series has been carefully polished for 5 years and the product technology has matured and stabilized. At present, this series of products have been applied to all aspects of power grid transmission, distribution and use, with a cumulative delivery of 688MW+ worldwide, Mega has stood firm in the increasingly competitive energy storage market. With the large-scale grid connection of new energy sources in the future, Mega will have more room to play in the source grid side.

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