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Megarevo Opens Customer Service Center in Stuttgart, Germany





Recently, in order to accelerate the pace of globalization, Megarevo opened a European customer service center in Stuttgart, Germany, to be close to the European market, improve user experience and further expand the company's support network in Europe.

In the past two years, the global new energy transformation has become the general trend. European household energy storage has ushered in a period of rapid development due to factors such as geopolitics, energy policies and subsidies. Although the recent growth trend has slowed down, Europe is still a strategic location for global household energy storage companies to compete. 

Megarevo has always regarded Europe as an important strategic market. In order to respond to customer needs in a timely manner and consolidate the bond of trust with customers, Megarevo has continuously accelerated the localization process in Europe, further open up the European market opportunities and deepen the synergistic layout of Megarevo's sales-commercial-supply chain-after-sale in Europe, so as to provide users with the full life cycle of service support.

Today, Megarevo's footsteps have spread to 30+ countries around the world, and service outlets have been set up in North America, South Africa and Southeast Asia. In the future, we expect to promote the advanced clean energy conversion technology to more regions around the world, and always keep the initial spirit and move forward on the track of energy technology revolution.

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