Solution advantage
Megarevo can provide customers with feasible solutions and turnkey services according to different application. Whether it is small-scale distributed or large-scale centralized, Megarevo has rich experience in implementation, and has already helped more than 1,000 poor region to achieve energy freedom in the global.。
Safe and reliable
The unified control of the AC bus is adopted, and the system reliability is higher;
It has a perfect security protection strategy, supports manual disconnection of DC input and AC grid end, and one-key emergency stop;
Efficient & flexible
The maximum efficiency more than 98.7%;
Modular design of PV inverter, easy to expand;
Intelligent& Friendly
support current balance control, uneven current flow <5%;
SOC balance control to ensure battery balance;
Built-in DC microgrid EMS control function;
Economical and durable
The design life of the scheme is more than 25 years;
The complete design concept of outdoor cabinets is easy to install, operate and maintain;
Morocco Off-Grid Microgrid 50kW/150kWh
The project is located in the Atlas Mountains area with sufficient sunshine throughout all the year and abundant PV resources. Due to the electricity supply and demand time is not same with PV power generation time, so the PV power energy cannot be fully consumed, in the daytime the PV power is loss but at night the residents lack of the stable power supply. In order to solve this issue, Megarevo help locals complete the deployment of off-grid microgrids through 3 sets of MPS0050 Hybrid inverter, which greatly improves the living conditions of residents.
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