Norway PV-ESS-EV Charging Station project

In order to meet the power supply capacity of the station and support the demand for high-power fast charging,in April 2022, the largest PV supplier in Norway, solcellespesialisten with Megarevo provided a 250kW/520kWh BESS and 50KW rooftop PV for this project, which together with the three fast charging piles at the base, formed an intelligent power supply system.MEGA0250T inverter was used on the AC side of the system. The maximum efficiency of the product reaches 97.5%,it can realize high power fast charging, built-in isolation transformer, strong load adaptability, and supports on/off-grid automatic switching.

The project was officially connected to the grid on April 12, 2022. After operation, it not only provided convenient and economical charging services for more new energy vehicles, but also participated in grid peak shaving, demand side response and other services to obtain additional economic benefits.

Voices from customers

"The various operation data in the background shows that this project has been very successful, not only can it solve the charging problem of nearby new energy vehicles, but also respond to the peak regulation of the power grid and improve the stability of the power grid. In addition, Facing the current conflict between Russia and Ukraine,energy cost challenge and zero-carbon goal is more important, It is urgent to vigorously develop clean energy.The application of ESS provides us with a new perspective and technical path to alleviate the energy supply situation and achieve low-carbon sustainable development, which is worthy of our reference and promotion."

Norway PV-ESS-EV Charging Station project