Vietnam Residential Energy Storage Project

The project is located in the delta reqion of Vietnam which is rich in solar energy and water resources,and the cost of diesel generators is high due to the inconvenient transportation. In order to reduce electricity costs and improve the utilization rate of new eneray resources. local residents have adopted the energy supply mode of "PV+BESS".

In June 2019,Megarevo provided more than 50 sets of R5KL1 series hybrid inverters for more than 20 local residents.They combined with residential rooftop PV to work together to provide clean energy for customers and reduce their living energy costs.

Voices from customers

"The choice of Megarevo residential energy storage solution satisfied our residents' demand for economic and stable energy use. In addition, the solution supported multiple operation modes, enabling priority use of clean energy and maximizing economic benefits."

Vietnam Residential Energy Storage Project