USA Residential Energy Storage Project

The project is located in the rural area of Whitehorn, Virginia. Due to the better local tax relief policy, the helpful development of home energy storage has been promoted. This project consists of a 10kWp rooftop PV and 12kWh BESS. 2 Megarevo’s R5KLNA North American split-phase inverters were selected, and by connecting the load, PV and BESS, the self-consumption of clean energy was realized, helping customers to save electricity costs .

Voices from customers

"Thanks for the home energy storage solution that Megarevo can implement for us, which not only solved the problem of expensive electricity costs, but also increased the utilization rate of green energy. The most worth mentioning is that this set of solution also supported monitoring and management of mobile terminals and local terminals, allowing us to know energy consumption and revenue anytime, anywhere.”

USA Residential Energy Storage Project