Hunan Power Grid Side Frequency Regulation Project

This is a grid-side peak & frequency regulation demonstration project constructed by the State Grid. The DC side adopts 1C high-rate cells. In order to improve the reliability of the power supply, Megarevo configured 80 MEGA0630 energy storage converters for the project, which communicate with EMS through CAN/RS485 communication line to realize data transmission and real-time monitoring.In addition, the solution also supports high and low voltage ride through, reactive power compensation, and SVG, which can maintain the voltage at the receiving end and enhance the system voltage stability.

Voices from customers

"Up to now, the project has been running safely and stably for more than 300 days, which has promoted the consumption of new energy in Hunan Province, enhanced the peak and frequency regulation capabilities of the provincial power grid, and played an important role in improving power quality,and playing an important demonstration role in promoting the development of energy storage industry in our province."

Hunan Power Grid Side Frequency Regulation Project