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Megarevo at Solar & Storage Live UK 2022


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On October 18-20, Solar & Storage Live UK was held at the NEC in Birmingham. Megarevo brought several star products of energy storage to the show as scheduled, sharing advanced energy solutions with customers and partners from all over the world, and successfully hit the first show in Europe in the second half of the year!

Solar & Storage Live is the UK's number-one exhibition for the renewable energy and energy storage industry. This time Megarevo brought Three phase ESS hybrid inverter, Low voltage hybrid inverter(battery voltage level 48V), 5K Smart hybrid inverter and DCAC energy storage module, showing the professional and open corporate outlook, and gaining the attention and recognition of many visitors!

How is the situation on site? We take you a glimpse.




In recent years, the UK energy storage market has been growing at a high rate. Relevant data show that by the end of March 2022, the cumulative battery energy storage installation in the UK reached 1700MW, of which 446MW was installed in the last year.

The UK has been leading the European pre-meter market, and the continued impact of gas prices on the UK electricity market following the Russia-Ukraine conflict has also fueled the development of the behind-the-meter market, with the proportion of households and C&I equipped with energy storage climbing.

Megarevo attaches great importance to the UK market and Solar & Storage Live as a showcase platform, and this time, Megarevo brought 3~62.5kW energy storage solutions to the show. Among them, the 5K Smart hybrid inverter and DCAC energy storage module are the latest products to be released by Megarevo, and this surprise appearance won the favor of many visitors.

The three phase ESS hybrid inverter

The three phase ESS hybrid inverter is one of Megarevo's most popular products and is well suited for regions with high energy costs, such as Europe. It has three power options of 8kW, 10kW and 12kW and offers six operating modes according to different requirements. It is compatible with single-phase and three-phase loads and supports 100% unbalanced load, providing a solid guarantee for home energy use.

Low voltage hybrid inverter

Low voltage hybrid inverter (battery voltage level 48V) is specially designed for European region. It has 4 MPPT trackers, supports diesel generator connection and the parallel function, maximum charging/discharging current up to 250A, supports WIFI, GPRS, 4G, APP. It is easy to operate and maintain, and can intelligently empower household electricity consumption.

The 5K Smart hybrid inverter

The 5K Smart hybrid inverter is the perfect spokesperson for cost effectiveness. Before the official release, we'll give you a sneak peek!


●Lightweight and compact

●Direct access to diesel generator

●3-way PV access

●Battery discharge efficiency? PV dual-stage efficiency?

If you want to know more details about the 5K Smart Hybrid Inverter, please stay tuned for the "Economic and Efficient Innovation" Megarevo R5KL1-G2 Hybrid Inverter Presentation at the 2nd China International Energy Storage Exhibition on November 10th!

DCAC energy storage module

DCAC energy storage module is designed for C&I application scenarios, with the following major features of it, which can guarantee the stable operation of the user's business.


●Supports 16 single modules in parallel

●Built in hardware electrical protection

●Redundant power 

●Support DC side high-precision insulation resistance detection

●MS level fast shutdown

●Adopt dual core design

●The system achieves 98.7% high efficiency


In Solar & Storage Live, we introduced products and cases with the audience and discussed the wave of energy change together. In the future, we hope to work with more people to contribute to the world's zero carbon transition!

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