Megarevo Vice Product Director Speaks at the Changsha Energy Storage Conference

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Megarevo's Vice Product Director Speaks at the Changsha Energy Storage Conference




From Nov. 24-26, the 2nd China International Conference on New Energy Storage Technologies and Engineering Applications was held at the St. Regis Hotel in Changsha.


With the theme of "New Energy, New Opportunities, New Heights", the conference was co-organized by the Department of Industry and Information Technology of Hunan Province, the Department of Commerce of Hunan Province, the People's Government of Changsha City, and the Energy Storage Application Branch of China Chemical and Physical Power Industry Association.

Leo Lee, vice director of Megarevo's product department, gave a presentation entitled "PCS Parallelization Solution and Application Based CAN Communication ". From the purpose of parallelization, current parallelization problems, off-grid parallelization control strategy of PCS to Megarevo's parallelization practical experience, Leo gave a comprehensive and systematic explanation.

In his presentation, Leo pointed out that multiple PCS parallel machines are redundant with each other, which can improve the reliability of system power supply while increasing the system carrying capacity. However, the current PCS off-grid parallelism has problems such as limited number of parallelism, different power PCS can't realize parallel control, and unbalanced battery SOC. How to improve this? Leo proposed a CAN communication-based off-grid parallel control strategy for PCS.

Taking the working principle of PCS and the principle of off-grid parallelization of multiple PCS as the starting point, Leo made a deep analysis of the parallelization control strategy and introduced the features and advantages of the strategy: the number of parallel PCS is not limited, the communication data exchange system is streamlined, the SOC of each parallelizer is balanced, and the control accuracy of parallelization equalization is improved, etc. Finally, Leo showed the rich parallel application cases of Megarevo.


In the past two years, the changes in the international situation and the issuance of a number of clean energy policies make the global energy storage industry to maintain a high growth trend. But under the hot market, participants need to accelerate the technical research, expand the application of energy storage scenarios, and create a healthy development ecology of the industry.

In the four years since its establishment, Megarevo has launched a variety of inverters covering four application scenarios: residential energy storage, C&I energy storage, microgrid and grid-side energy storage, and has provided green energy solutions to customers around the world. In the future, Megarevo is willing to continue to leverage its technology and practice to help the industry's high-quality development and build a new pattern of zero-carbon power.

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