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Megarevo Debuts RE+2023




On September 12, RE+2023 was held in Las Vegas, USA. The show is the most influential industry event in North America, bringing together more than 1,300 clean energy companies from more than 100 countries/regions. This time, Megarevo brought its new generation of residential energy storage solutions to the show.


The U.S. is one of the world's major energy storage markets. Regional grid independence and aging of power equipment to promote the rapid development of the U.S. grid-side energy storage and utility energy storage, the federal IRA Act and ITC tax-exempt subsidies to stimulate photovoltaic distribution of energy storage, distributed energy storage and household energy storage in full bloom, led by California, nearly 17 states have introduced a clear energy storage subsidy system. According to Wood Mackenzie's forecast, from 2023 to 2027, the new installed capacity of the U.S. energy storage market will reach 75GW.

Since 2020, Megarevo has been focusing on the U.S. market, becoming the earliest company in China to have high and low voltage split-phase inverter product lines. At RE+2023, Megarevo not only had the familiar first generation of  high and low voltage split-phase inverters at its booth, but also the 2.0 generation of inverter products made a stunning debut.


Megarevo's split-phase inverters all feature a simple, elegant design that blends seamlessly into the modern home. With UL certification, CEC listing, and SUNSPEC listing, they make home electricity use more worry-free.

The generation 1.0 high voltage split phase inverter has a wide battery voltage range covering 85~400V, making it suitable for high-capacity home energy storage systems in North America. It has a single bypass with load capacity of 90A, and can have two load outputs for prioritized loads. It supports remote monitoring and upgrading, battery self-adaptation, and easily realizes intelligent energy life.

Generation 1.0 48V split-phase inverter can be connected in parallel with 3 machines, and supports the parallel connection mode of multiple machines sharing one battery pack. It has a strong bypass with load capacity, which can realize 200% bypass overload. With 4-way MPPT, it adopts the topology of split-phase, eliminating the need for transformers, which is economical and efficient. It adopts low-voltage battery isolation, which brings a more secure energy experience.


With rich technology accumulation and application experience, Megarevo has renewed and upgraded itself with a new generation of high and low-voltage split-phase inverters, which are more efficient, more reliable, more intelligent and more rewarding.


Megarevo's goal is to enable more end-users to increase their self-generation rate, reduce the cost of electricity and increase the return on investment. At the exhibition, Megarevo's split-phase inverters were fully recognized by customers and partners. In the future, Megarevo will focus on creating innovative solutions for residential, C&I, microgrid and other scenarios, so that more users can embrace the new era of smart energy.

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