Megarevo at SNEC, showcasing a variety of popular energy storage inverters

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Megarevo at SNEC, Showcasing a Variety of Popular Energy Storage Inverters




On May 24, SNEC 16th (2023) International Solar Photovoltaic and Smart Energy (Shanghai) Conference and Exhibition was held as scheduled. As the top feast of the energy industry, SNEC was held again after two years of absence, and this time it gathered all the world's famous photovoltaic storage brands. This time, Megarevo brought along its fist products for three major application scenarios: residential, C&I, and microgrid.


REVO Series

Make your home green and smart with electricity

Megarevo's REVO residential energy storage series hybrid inverters cover 3-15kW in power, supporting PV, battery, diesel generation, grid and load inputs simultaneously, with multiple application modes such as self-generation, peak-shaving and backup power. With high performance, high reliability and high value, they are ideal for creating a home smart energy management ecology.


REVO series inverter has built-in insulation check and arc check function, and the advanced common mode control technology function can effectively suppress the current leakage, and the system safety is strong. The optional IoT module enables remote monitoring of the machine and software upgrades, while the one-touch reset function makes commissioning easy and simple. Common-mode interference and soft-switching technology improve the overall efficiency of the REVO residential energy storage solution, and battery compatibility and parallel connection of multiple machines make this solution a superior choice for home users.

Mega Series

Creating low carbon scenarios for C&I

With "quality first, innovation more" as the core of the product, Megarevo C&I series help more industries to realize low-carbon transformation. As Megarevo's first energy storage inverter product, Mega energy storage converter has been proven to help owners use clean energy, shorten the return on investment cycle and enjoy good returns on power generation.


This time, Megarevo also brought the newly launched PM modular series products. As an innovative iteration, PMAE series cabinet adopts a pre-assembled standard cabinet design, which consists of PMA standard power module, electrical distribution, 10-inch intelligent screen, EPO switch, etc. It supports flexible capacity increase and decrease, single cabinet power level covers 50kW~630kW, maximum 4 cabinets can be expanded to realize single system 1MW. It supports single and multi-branch input technology, power module and electrical distribution can be flexibly configured as needed, quickly realize AC/DC bi-directional energy conversion, which can save owners' initial investment and reduce the cost of electricity consumption.

MPS Series

Let the power reach further

Megarevo's MPS hybrid inverter has a power coverage of 30-500kW, and integrates photovoltaic controllers, energy storage converters, and off-grid automatic switching units, which improves customer deployment efficiency and reduces installation costs. It has a built-in isolation transformer with strong load adaptability; the photovoltaic capacity can be flexibly configured, and supports maintenance bypass switches, which greatly improves system availability; it supports loads, batteries, power grids or diesel generators, and photovoltaics to be connected at the same time, with rich configurations. MPS hybrid inverters are suitable for deployment in countries and regions with tight power supply to improve the local energy environment, benefit thousands of households and maximize energy utilization efficiency.


This time, Megarevo residential, C&I, micro-grid series of energy storage products appeared in a group to meet various application scenarios and customer needs, and gained the recognition and praise from the audience. With the dream of zero-carbon, Megarevo has been working hard and now has a global footprint in 25+ countries, and has gained good reputation and wide recognition. In the context of sustainable development, Megarevo will continue to work with global customers and partners to facilitate the organic integration of photovoltaic and energy storage, so as to take the development of green power to a new level.

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