Megarevo Attends China International Energy Storage Conference for Fifth Year

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Megarevo Attends China International Energy Storage Conference for Fifth Year




On May 24th, the 13th International Energy Storage Conference (CIES), hosted by China Energy Storage Network, was successfully held in Hangzhou, China. With the theme of "Promote the construction of new energy system and high-quality development of energy storage industry", this summit provides a good service platform for industry exchange and cooperation as well as exhibition of innovative achievements. At the summit, Megarevo won the Best PCS Supplier Award for 2023 in China's energy storage industry.


The International Energy Storage Conference (CIES) is known as the wind vane of China's energy storage industry. As an old friend of CIES, Megarevo attended the conference for the fifth consecutive year and brought two cutting-edge new products at the conference, demonstrating its solid technical strength to the industry.


In 2020, Megarevo launched its first single-phase residential energy storage inverter to enter the home energy storage field. Three years later, through continuous iterative optimization, the second generation of single-phase residential energy storage hybrid inverter was born. the G2 hybrid inverter has the highest power density in the world, with a maximum power support of 8kW at the same size, which can easily meet the load requirements of modern homes.

Compared with the first generation, G2 hybrid inverter is lighter and more compact, saves more than 50% of labor installation cost, supports multiple load hierarchy control, supports two MPPT and diesel generator access, and can continuously create low-carbon and economic clean energy for households. The product is currently undergoing safety and grid certification tests in various countries and is scheduled for mass production within this year.

With the arrival of the peak load period in summer, the development of C&I needs strong electrical energy support more than ever before. Considering the problems of tight urban land and difficult transformer expansion, Megarevo also brought a new choice for small and medium-sized C&I customers at this summit - PM modular inverter to meet their multi-dimensional energy needs.

The PM modular inverter is available in 60kW and 100kW power bands. It breaks through the traditional complete cabinet structure and adopts a modular and compact design, which reduces the footprint by 60% for the same power, and all modules are pluggable, greatly simplifying the assembly and operation, and maintenance work on site. In addition to the obvious cost reduction and efficiency advantages, the product also has comprehensive improvements in control algorithms and performance: it supports DC component adjustment and fault isolation and disconnection, has a wider DC voltage range and better electrical protection measures, and can amicably help customers solve problems such as transformer overload, poor power quality and low utilization of power assets.

It is understood that China Energy Storage Network, adhering to the concept of focusing on industrial development and based on industry applications, selects companies from four dimensions: brand, product and technology, solutions, and application services, and honors them at the awards dinner on the first day of CIES granted. With its strong technical strength, reliable products and services, and high satisfaction reputation, Megarevo won the Best PCS Supplier Award in China's Energy Storage Industry in 2023. This is an affirmation of Megarevo's unremitting efforts, and it also spurs and inspires the Megarevo team to continue to maintain its original aspirations and move forward firmly in the future.


With the rapid economic and social development and the general trend of implementing low-carbon goals, it is particularly important to optimize the existing energy structure and improve the conversion efficiency and usage ratio of renewable energy. As a global professional provider of energy storage inverters, Megarevo can provide customers with efficient and competitive products and solutions based on application scenarios such as residential, C&I, micro-grid, and new energy grid-connected, and help customers meet their energy challenges with ease. Today, more and more customers are benefiting from using Megarevo's products.

Looking ahead, Megarevo will continue to strengthen its capabilities in new product development, product design, production capacity and after-sales service as its business territory continues to expand, and will work with more partners to move forward and make green development move from concept to practice.

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